I Saw The Tears of The Oppressed…
Ecclesiastes 4:1

When we woke up this morning we made a decision that we were going to go to church. Our decision was based upon ruling out the other options that presented themselves to us. Some of us struggled with whether or not to sleep in since it has been a long week, a grueling week. Others of us struggled with whether or not to work in the yard or get some things done around the house. Still others of us had to decide if we were going to go to worship or attend a function going on in some other part of the city or state. There is one thing that none of us had to struggle with that many of our brothers and sisters around the world had to confront: “What will happen to me or my family if I am found worshipping Jesus my Savior?”

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Ecclesiastes 4:1”

He Created All Things
Colossians 1:16-17

A young lady wrote to Dr. Laura Schlessinger this past week with the following question:

I’m a little embarrassed about this, but here goes: I believe in God. I pray, and I work very hard to follow God’s commandments. However, neighbors and people at work tell me believing in God is just plain silly. They say that biochemical and biophysical laws are enough to explain the world and the origin of life. I really don’t know what to say back. Do you have any suggestions?

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Colossians 1:16-17”

Jesus Is…
Colossians 1:15

A young college freshman at Morehouse University walked in to his first day of class and settled in for the instruction. The professor of Philosophy passed out a syllabus and explained what would be expected of the students during the course of the semester. The young student grew more and more excited as he listened to all of the great thinkers they would be studyingthroughout the upcoming months.

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Colossians 1:15”