Experience His Presence
Leviticus 16

Understanding “purpose” is an important bit of information to possess. I heard a story this past Wednesday from a pastor in town of a lighthouse that was built on the East Coast. The people who built the lighthouse sold it to another company who assumed responsibility for the lighthouse. It was an important fixture for the many ships that sailed the sea and used the lighthouse as a navigational tool.

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Leviticus 16”

What Are You Waiting On?
II Timothy 2:1-26

For a society known for its fast food, microwave ovens, instant oatmeal, “Cliff Notes,” permanent press clothes, the fifteen minute oil change, expressways, and of course the sermonette, we sure seem to do a lot of waiting when it comes to the church. I can’t tell you how many folks I have heard say to me; “Well, I really want to get involved with the church. I’d like to help with one of the ministries of the church, but I’m just going to wait until the right time comes along.” “I’m sure your church is doing a lot of good, but you see I was involved with a church one time and I learned how corrupt the church can be. Before I get back involved I think I’ll just wait a little while.” I’ve heard you say that you want to be a stronger Christian, a better deacon, a better husband, a bolder witness for the Lord, a better giver, a stronger Sunday School teacher, a better student of God’s Word, a more involved elder, and a more consistent member of the choir. I want to ask you this morning, “What are you waiting on?” Are you waiting for a change in yourself? Because of the failure, fears, and friction in your own life you don’t feel like you can get too involved. Maybe you are waiting on a change in someone else? Waiting on things to get better? Waiting on something to change? Waiting until you feel better? Make more money? Have more time? Whatever your reason I want you to really consider this morning, “What are you waiting on?”

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II Timothy 2:1-26”