What’s In Store for 2004

What will the New Year bring about for you and me? That?s a huge question looming in the minds of many people as we get ready to turn the page on the calendar and begin a brand new year. Many people have thumbed through the pages of the old calendar and have come to the conclusion that it has not been a good year. They are hoping and praying that the new year will be better. They do not necessarily want fireworks to welcome them into each new day or some exotic destination to be the order of the day for the upcoming year, but it sure would be nice to have less heartache, less uncertainty, and more peace and security. They would like to know what?s in store for 2004?

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The Christmas Gift: Everlasting Father
Isaiah 9:1-7

There are few things as constant as change. Have you thought about it? Take just a moment and think about what has changed since last Christmas. Some of us are working different jobs than we were working at this time last year. For some of us, we have had a child leave home that was living with us last Christmas. I have friends who were married last Christmas, but who are now divorced. I have other friends who were not married at this time last year, but now they are married. There are couples who have welcomed children into their homes during the past twelve months. I know of other people who have attended a funeral for one of their kids since last Christmas. There are folks among us who will struggle through this Christmas celebration as loved ones are now absent who were such a strong and comforting presence last Christmas.

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Isaiah 9:1-7”