The Company We Keep…
Proverbs 1:7-19

The invitations go out every day. They?re in the mail, they?re on our front doorstep, they?re waiting for us at the street corner, they?re lying around the offices where we work, and they?re posted all over the neighborhoods where we live. They come by way of people who are persuasive, passionate, and thoroughly convincing. They?re invitations to walk in the ways of the wise. Invitations to cut corners in order to get ahead. Invitations to pray for those who are hurting, sit with those who are struggling, and walk with those whose life has been paralyzed with pain. They are invitations to strike back at those who have hurt you, sabotage those who stand in your way, and join forces with those who are moving to the front of the class regardless of how they are getting there. They are invitations to cut and run when God calls you to stay put, invitations to sit still when you are called upon to act, and invitations to look out for yourself even when it means someone else will be hurt. They are invitations to forget your wedding vows for a moment?s pleasure, invitations to lie when you need to confess, and invitations to continue to take more and more when you know it is time to give. The invitations are in the mail, but the writer of Proverbs urges us to carefully consider each and every invitation before we act.

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Proverbs 1:7-19”

Walk in Wisdom? Walk with God.
Proverbs 1

Last week we began our new study of Solomon?s book of Proverbs. I hope that you walked away from our study thinking to yourself, ?Those ancient wisdom sayings of Proverbs are more relevant to my life today than anything being offered by the authorities and experts of our own day.? I say, ?I hope you walked away with that insight?? because it is absolutely true. The reason it is true is because the book of Proverbs is God?s wisdom for living life, not the wisdom of the world. The wisdom of God is like God?s character and nature?it is unchanging. Scripture says, 29?He who is the Glory of Israel does not lie or change his mind; for he is not a man, that he should change his mind.” (1 Samuel 15:29 NIV)

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Proverbs 1”