Introduction to James
Live What You Believe!

It is highly probable that the letter of James, the letter we will be studying over the next several weeks, is the oldest of all of the New Testament books, written sometime in the mid 40s. In our day we view anything old as outdated and antiquated, yet the wisdom James shares with us is so badly needed by the followers of Jesus in our day. Rather than being old and outdated, for the followers of Jesus the letter of James is more relevant, practical, and applicable than any wisdom the world has to offer today. Continue reading “Introduction to James
Live What You Believe!”

God of All Nations: The Story Continues
Colossians 3:11-14

We live in a society that is divided, terribly divided, and the divisions seem to be multiplying. There are racial divides. A variety of leaders are calling for you and me to huddle up and side with our “own kind,” the only ones who can be trusted. There are socio-economic divisions with hostilities oozing from those that want to pit the poor against the rich and the rich against the poor. We’ve not learned that money, or the lack thereof, is no indicator of integrity, honesty, or generosity. Political parties have become more polarized than OSU and OU fans. Political policies have become America’s new church dogma. Instead of the titles of “Republican” and “Democrat,” their zealots prefer “saints and sinners,” depending on whose side you are on. There are gender and sexual orientation battles being waged by the LGBTQA community and women who march and fight against the oppressive perils of a patriarchal society. And in the Church, among the followers of Jesus, there are religious divides as wide as the Grand Canyon as conservatives, evangelicals, and progressives lob theological molotov cocktails over the pews at one another. The list of divisions in our society keeps growing and new dividing lines seem to be added each and every day. Continue reading “God of All Nations: The Story Continues
Colossians 3:11-14”