Christmas Love: The Most Lavish Gift
Matthew 1:18-25

It’s Christmas Eve. Little ones are so anxious they won’t be able to sleep tonight. They’ve been dreaming, longing, anxiously awaiting the moment when their wildest dreams will be fulfilled on Christmas morning. We want those we love to know how much we love them so we try to find them the perfect gift, the gift that will leave them breathless the moment it is unwrapped. I’ve heard some stories about some pretty extravagant gifts that have been given during past Christmases. For those of you who are still searching for that one perfect gift, the one gift that will be a heart stopper, a breath taker on Christmas morning, I’ve come to help. Continue reading “Christmas Love: The Most Lavish Gift
Matthew 1:18-25”

Hope Without End
Luke 1:28-35

“I hope I will get what I want for Christmas. I hope things will work out in my marriage. I hope my children will make wise decisions. I hope my health will improve in the upcoming year. I hope my boss will see how valuable I am to the company and give me a raise. I hope I just bought the winning ticket in the lottery. I hope we can finally get pregnant and have a baby. I hope my team wins the Super Bowl. I hope I can find someone that makes me happy. I hope these bad things that keep coming my way will stop and I can be happy again. I hope…” What are you hoping for today? Continue reading “Hope Without End
Luke 1:28-35”

Prince of Peace
“Celebrating and Waiting”
Isaiah 9:1-7

We are in the Advent season. For those of you who didn’t grow up in church or for those who grew up in churches that didn’t observe the Advent season, I want to help you understand the importance of the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. The word Advent comes from the Latin word, “adventus,” which means “coming or arrival.” The Latin Translation of the Bible in the fourth century, the Latin Vulgate, used the word “adventus” to describe the coming of the Son of God, both His coming as a baby born in a manger as well as His second coming. During this month we celebrate the coming of the Savior into our world and we are waiting for His arrival, His Second Coming. We are celebrating and yet we are waiting. This morning I want us to turn to a familiar section of God’s Word. If you will turn with me to Isaiah 9:1-7. Let’s read together. Continue reading “Prince of Peace
“Celebrating and Waiting”
Isaiah 9:1-7”

Playing Favorites
James 2:1-7

You know them. Oh, you may not know them, but you know their names, you read about them, hear about them, and are aware of who they are. They are powerful. Their presence turns heads. They walk the red carpet, are profiled in Fortune and People magazines, and are the talk of those who envy their TMZ lifestyles. Their wealth is the envy of the everyday man or woman. Their good looks, power, and deep pockets garner favors from those who desire to have a relationship with them. They’re given the private dining rooms at the best restaurants and others pick up the tab. They share photos on Instagram and Facebook from exotic places around the world. They are known for their yachts, Aston Martins, $1,000 bottles of wine, and gourmet foods which have never been tasted by folks like you and me. Money opens doors, creates opportunities, and can convince the wealthy that they are somehow different from everyone else. It’s not always the case, but we all know stories of how this is true. Continue reading “Playing Favorites
James 2:1-7”