Dear Friends,

I am thrilled that you have taken the time to visit the Britton Christian Church home on the web. More than twenty years ago God gave us a vision that one day Britton Christian Church would be a “Lighthouse of Hope” for all people. It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to watch the vision come into being. By no means do we feel that God has finished His work in our community, but we see great confirmation that His wondrous work is taking place among us.

Our church sits in the middle of what many know as an inner-city neighborhood, the North Highlands/Britton area of Oklahoma City. Many of the “inner-city problems” that you have heard and read about are present in our community. Our young people face the problems of tough neighborhoods, rival gangs, broken families, and much more. The families of our community deal with hardships of many kinds of a daily basis. Instead of viewing these problems as overwhelming, God has called us to stoke the fires of faith and share the hope that only Jesus can bring.

On a typical Sunday morning you will find people from many different neighborhoods worshiping together at Britton Christian Church. There are business people who live in suburban communities who drive into the city to seek to strengthen their walk with the Lord. You will find kids and adults from the surrounding community who walk to the church to pray and seek God’s strength for the challenges they face throughout the week. You will find people of all races joining hands during our prayer time and calling out to the Lord with one voice. We are excited about how the Lord has drawn so many different people together who have one purpose–to draw near to the Lord.

Throughout the week we have Bible studies and opportunities to serve that are too many to list in this limited space. If you live in the Oklahoma City area we want to invite you to join us this coming Sunday morning at 8:30 am or 10:40 am as we worship the King of all kings.

In His Steps,