Christian Life and Witness Courses

Reignite your faith and find power to live a life that radiates God’s love. Discover the victory He has for His children and equip yourself to share it with others through this dynamic course. You’ll also find practical help in reaching the next generation for Christ. The course is taught by a representative of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Please attend once a week for three weeks!

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Blessed to Be a Blessing

Every Spring we go out into the community to pray with our neighbors. I have been a part of this ministry for the past 6 years and each year I am blessed beyond measure. A group of us went out on Saturday, March 28 to bless families with a loaf of bread and prayer. We call it our Loaves Ministry, but it would be more aptly titled “Prayer Walk”.

We made contact with about 50 families and it is truly amazing to hear how God used our volunteers to bless the community. We live in a broken world and there are people trying to deal with hurts on their own. Jesus says in Mathew 5:16 “Let you light shine before men and others will see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” That is truly what happened on Saturday morning. I could fill this blog up with stories of God’s sovereign hand working in the lives of our neighbors, but there are far too many to tell.

I will leave you with this story. Our group met a woman who’s had just had a seizure. She opened the door and was greeted by a team of prayers. The lady’s response was “I am glad you all are here, because I just asked the Lord for some help and here you are to pray with me.” The team prayed with her and she was at peace. You never know when God is going to use you to bless someone so always be available for His service. God has blessed you, so you can be a blessing!

The Next Chapter


Celeste & Yvonne
(L-R) Mom & Celeste

A couple of weeks ago Isleigh handed me a letter to read. The letter was addressed to her sister Celeste. Celeste is a high school senior who has been in the BCC Learning Center since elementary. It has truly been encouraging to watch Celeste grow over the years. People who really know Celeste would most likely describe her as, driven, focused, highly intelligent, and a leader – just to name a few. Continue reading “The Next Chapter”

I Can Feel the LOVE

collageIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is a mouthful!

The Learning Center mentors invest a lot of time and energy into our students. Sometimes, we wonder if we’re making a difference. We haven’t quite seen the change we were expecting; things are the same as when we first started mentoring…

…Then one day, you get a glimpse at the impact you’re REALLY making.
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Count for ZERO


If you are in a K-Group, then get ready for the challenge of the semester!

“Count for Zero” is a 6 week study focused on fulfilling the Great Commission. In case you were wondering, that call goes out to ALL Believers everywhere. “For hundreds of years, committed Christians have gone to the ends of the earth in response to our Lords command to take the gospel to everyone everywhere! This six-week study will take [our] church through Scriptures and show [us] Gods direction for the global church and what remains to be done to fulfill Gods calling.”


Continue reading “COMING SOON to K-Group
Count for ZERO”

Coming February 22!!


Join us for a great American History lesson as we celebrate the Harlem Renaissance. The program will be filled with singing, dancing and lots of music from the era. There will be a special performance by the Life Change Ballroom dancers. We hope to see you at 3 o’clock in the sanctuary!

K-Group 101


Every semester we create space to allow our members to use the gifts God has blessed them (and BCC) with by helping us to form stronger, Godly, disciple-making communities. Our great desire is to see the Body of Christ at Britton Christian Church growing in their personal walk with God and helping others to do the same. That’s discipleship. One of the great ways we are doing that is through K-Groups.

K-Groups are BCC’s version of community groups, small groups, lifegroups, etc. Some of the greatest ministry to happen at BCC is happening in these groups.

to be a part of this as well! That’s why this summer we will have our annual 5 week K-Group 101 class.

By taking part in this 5 week class you and others will learn:

  • what goes into facilitating a K-Group.
  • What it means to host a K-Group.
  • The Biblical model for any small group.
  • Why BCC has a small group ministry and what we hope to accomplish through it.

You will also have a chance to help us launch NEW GROUPS as we join God, in creating community among our members.

Classes will begin on June 3rd!

to get SIGNED UP or for more information!



Empowerment through education for an eternal reward.
Tré Clark
Community & Education Pastor
Britton Christian Church
phn: (405) 848-2686 or 848-2046

fax: (405) 843-7160

30 Day Challenge

Last week we wrapped up our K-Group focus on authentic community. This week we have been concentrating on what it means to TRULY worship our God. I am convinced that we cannot worship God Biblically if we are not in fellowship with His people.

I came across this powerful video which reminds me (and hopefully you) of one of the major reasons we have a ministry such as K-Groups. LOVE GOD. LOVE OTHERS. Your life depends on it!


JOIN a K-Group or START ONE today and give others the BLESSING of LIFE! Contact: Tre’ Clark (

Day of Prayer


It has been great to seeing many folks come to BCC to pray today. I thank you for your commitment to pray for the need of our church and community. Whether you prayed at home, work or here at the church you can trust that it pleases the Lord when we come to Him in prayer. I would like to encourage you to continue praying over the prayer needs sheet and watch how God moves on behalf of His people. The Apostle Paul encourages us to “pray without ceasing…” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). If you need a copy of the prayer needs sheet you can pick one up in the church office or download it by clicking on this link Prayer Needs

5 Qualities of the Church
Acts 2:40-47

30daychurchchallenge_300X250-2It was a pretty somber day. The hopes and dreams for liberation had come to an end. For three years they had witnessed His authority and they had even experienced His power. He was so influential that He was able to convince them to leave their family trades. In exchange, they could potentially be abandoned by their families, possibly imprisoned, maybe – if they were lucky – they would be martyred? They thought He was the One. They expected Him to free them from the tyranny of Rome, but He was murdered like all the rest. If it could happen to Him, it could happen to anyone. And so, as they hunkered down in a room behind locked doors, in fear for their lives, they contemplated – “What next?” Who’s going to rise to take up the cause? Well, fast forward to the book of Acts.

The Book of Acts paints a totally different picture of the apostles and early followers of Jesus than what we find in the gospels. Continue reading “5 Qualities of the Church
Acts 2:40-47”