Born to Overcome
1 Peter 1:23 NIV

For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.

?Two things I will not tolerate in this house,? my momma would say, ?Lying and stealing. And if I ever hear of you doing either one, there will be consequences!? Man, she was serious about those two things; you?d think I would have gotten the point. At a young age, I struggled with both, and she held true to her word about those ?consequences?. One time, in particular, I got involved with the policeman?s son who lived across the street. He spent part of the summer teaching me how to steal from our local convenient store, which was owned and operated by Mr. Ketna. At first, I could hear my momma?s instructions ringing in my head. The fear of what she would do to me if I was found out made me apprehensive. But each time we got away with our stolen goodies, it got easier and easier. That is, until the day I got caught! Oh, I will never forget it as long as I live. I had begun to get sloppy with my thievery and momma picked up on it like Columbo. One morning, before school, I had gone down to Mr. Ketna?s for my routine ?visit?. On my way out the door, I ran right into my momma?s 5?10? frame. She looked down at me with a gaze that sent chills through my chills! I knew it was over for me! This time she would surely kill me and tell God I died.

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1 Peter 1:23 NIV”

One Holy Nation
1 Peter 2:1-12

From the beginning of time Almighty God has had a heart for His people. God’s love for His people is so great that He gave His Son’s life to make things right between Himself and His people. That’s love folks! God’s love for His people is awesome! You may ask, “Yes, but who are His people? Who are the people that God loves most?” That’s a good question. I’ve heard folks offer answers to that question. Some of the answers I have heard don’t hold water. Some border on the ridiculous. People who don’t understand the heart of God will quickly answer that God loves “us” more than any other. Who is “us?” Well, of course “us” is us. You know, you and me. Those like us. Those who look like us, walk like us, talk like us, act like us, and live like us. God loves us more than any other!

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1 Peter 2:1-12”