Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing
2 Peter 2:1-22

These are perilous times that we are living in my friends. We are walking
through a spiritual minefield and the truly tragic reality is that many of
us are totally unaware. Like a blind man running through a minefield we are
barging ahead through the valleys and hills of the landscape of life
littered with ungodly, pseudo-Christian, spiritually erroneous mines ready
to annihilate our heart, soul, and mind. Although we have been given a map,
God’s Word, to enable us to navigate these treacherous times, we continue on
trusting our own instincts with eternity at stake. Jesus said in Matthew’s

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2 Peter 2:1-22”

Nothing But The Truth
2 Peter 1:12-21

There is a prominent question that is looming in the minds and hearts of
Americans today. It doesn’t have anything to do with the stock market, who
will win the NCAA basketball crown, or if the movie “Star Wars” will meet
everyone’s expectations. You will never hear the question asked out loud at
the mall, sitting in the stands at your son or daughter’s game, or standing
in line at the grocery store, but don’t be fooled – the question is out
there, crying out at us from every angle. Who is Jesus? Is He some guru
who has come to alleviate everything that ails us, all that gnaws at our
soul in the quiet of the night? Is He some kind of motivator? Richard
Simmons, Anthony Robbins, and Laura Schlessinger rolled into one
fine-speaking, self-esteem building, faith-affirming mystic? Is He a great
teacher of the likes of Plato? Who is Jesus and can we trust what is being
said about Him?

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2 Peter 1:12-21”