God of The Nations
Acts 17:19-27

As the people of our nation become less and less familiar with the Bible we are seeing more and more instances of a total misrepresentation of the Christian faith, God, Jesus, and the Bible. We’ve come to the place today where many Americans view Christianity as the product of white Republicans. Because we’ve lost an understanding of history, specifically the history of God’s dealings with His people going back to Abraham, we have many people of color believing that Jesus is the white man’s Messiah. You can hear this message today and you will hear it more and more as we continue to witness the fragmentation of our culture and society. Continue reading “God of The Nations
Acts 17:19-27”

The Business of the Church
Acts 2:42-47

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It is that time of year when churches are hustling, planning, and preparing for the new semester, the kick-off of the Fall activities. As we make those plans, it is vitally important for us as a church to know “who” we are, for us to know God’s purpose for this particular church. Many churches today are dying fast because they don’t have a clue as to who they are or what they are called to be in their community. Other churches are growing rapidly, but numerical growth doesn’t necessarily equate to obedience to God’s call for us as a church.

Let me explain what I mean. We could put together a great line-up of high profile celebrities and schedule them to appear at Britton Christian Church in the Fall. We could create a theme, something like, “Guess Who’s Coming to BCC?” We could follow the theme with a media campaign that gets the message out to all of Oklahoma City. How about lining up Baker Mayfield and Mason Rudolf for September? I think that would bring a lot folks to church on Sunday? Turning to October, does anyone know anybody that knows Beyonce and Jaz Z? If we could get them to come to BCC we might have to pull out some chairs! How about November? November will mark one year until the Presidential election so let’s try to get Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders to come and visit us…Let’s shoot for the moon! December means Christmas, right? How about we get Santa Claus to come and share his testimony in morning worship?

I will assure you that if we could secure that line-up that we would set all-time attendance records at BCC, but is that what God has called us to do? Is merely packing the house God’s purpose for us as a church? If our church is nothing more than a well-programmed social club or entertainment venue for Christians in Oklahoma City then we’ve missed the boat. We need to focus on God’s business, His purpose for Britton Christian Church, and not the entertainment business. Continue reading “The Business of the Church
Acts 2:42-47”

The Great Commission

preach the gospel

This message of the Gospel shall be preached to all nations – then the end will come (Matt. 24:17).

It’s pretty incredible to think, that in our day and age, with so much “connectivity”, so much social interaction, and with the availability of information at our fingertips, there still exists people who have

NEVER heard the GOOD NEWS about Jesus the Christ. Continue reading “The Great Commission”

God’s Holy Hospital

Sign Jesus Hospital_SMThere’s hardly a week go by that I don’t get a chance to go to one of the hospitals in town to see someone who is either preparing for surgery or in need of medical care for some ailment. I’ve been to the hospital hundreds of times during the past almost 25 years.

Last week Connie and I were in Cooper City, Florida sharing with the brothers and sisters at Christ the Rock Community Church. February is “Missions Month” at their church and I was the first speaker to come in and share with them. The other pastors will come and encourage the church to reach out, but my aim was to lay the foundation for the month by urging them to work for a healthy church which is a place of healing, restoration, comfort, discipleship, and fellowship for those the Lord will bring in. The imagery I used to help paint a picture for them was that of the hospital—God’s Holy Hospital. Continue reading “God’s Holy Hospital”

5 Qualities of the Church
Acts 2:40-47

30daychurchchallenge_300X250-2It was a pretty somber day. The hopes and dreams for liberation had come to an end. For three years they had witnessed His authority and they had even experienced His power. He was so influential that He was able to convince them to leave their family trades. In exchange, they could potentially be abandoned by their families, possibly imprisoned, maybe – if they were lucky – they would be martyred? They thought He was the One. They expected Him to free them from the tyranny of Rome, but He was murdered like all the rest. If it could happen to Him, it could happen to anyone. And so, as they hunkered down in a room behind locked doors, in fear for their lives, they contemplated – “What next?” Who’s going to rise to take up the cause? Well, fast forward to the book of Acts.

The Book of Acts paints a totally different picture of the apostles and early followers of Jesus than what we find in the gospels. Continue reading “5 Qualities of the Church
Acts 2:40-47”

Acts 4

With the passage of time things change. Change is inevitable. Some of those changes are good. I’m thrilled that those who attend church on Sunday morning are now parking their cars instead of tying their horses to a hitching post out in front of the church, aren’t you? I’m also glad that we’ve evolved from no air conditioning to central air conditioning. With the summer we have endured, I think we would all say that central air conditioning has been a great change that has come about.

Some of the changes that have taken place are viewed by some people as “good” while some other folks see them as “bad.” I visited one of our shut-ins this past week and the topic of computers came up. She said, “I hate computers. I wish I had a good manual typewriter.” She doesn’t see anything good that has come about with the advent of computers, but the vast majority of folks see the transition from a manual typewriter to computers as a really good thing.

There have been changes that have come to every aspect of life as we know it. There have been technological changes like the ones I’ve describe for you. There have been sociological and societal changes that have taken place. There have been medical advancements, or changes, that have taken place. The list goes on and on concerning the changes that have transpired during our lifetimes and I am sure that change will continue. Continue reading “Fellowship
Acts 4”

Called To Serve
Acts 6:1-6

One Sunday morning the pastor was trying to move his congregation from being spectators to becoming participants in the ministry of the Kingdom. He had prayed all week that the Lord would open the eyes of all of those who called the church ?home.? The pastor knew that he had been given a word from the Lord and he was chomping at the bit to bring it to the congregation. His passion exuded from his voice as he told the congregation, ?With God?s help we can see the day when this church will go from crawling to walking.? The people responded enthusiastically, ?Let the church walk, pastor, let the church walk.? ?Oh yea! The Lord has answered my prayer! They are getting it,? the pastor thought to himself as he rolled into his next sentence. ?And when the church begins to walk, next the church can begin to run.? And the people shouted, ?Let the church run, preacha, let the church run!? The pastor was beside himself as he continued, ?And finally the church can move from running and finally begin to soar. Oh, the church can soar! But of course, that?s going to take the commitment of all of us for that to happen!? The congregation grew quiet, deathly quiet, and from the back of the small church, someone mumbled, ?Let the church crawl, pastor, let the church crawl.? And so it is.

Just last week, Pastor Herman, shared such a powerful message with all of us about stirring up the gift and getting involved in God?s work. I?ve been encouraged by those of you who heard Herman?s message and responded by sending either Herman or myself a list of the ministries that you feel called to being involved with in the upcoming year. At the same time, I?ve compared the list of those who have made some kind of commitment to those who call BCC home and I have to tell you that less than 10% have made any kind of commitment.

Continue reading “Called To Serve
Acts 6:1-6”

You Just Never Know!
Acts 8:26-40

Two weeks from today we are going to have ?Friend Day? here at Britton Christian Church. For the past ten years or so we have always had ?Friend Day? on the Sunday that we set our clocks back one hour. We do this because church growth gurus tell us that on time change Sunday there are more unchurched people in church than any other Sunday outside of Christmas and Easter. ?Friend Day? is an opportunity for you and me. An opportunity to spend a few weeks in prayer asking the Lord to show us which of our friends we should invite to worship with us. For those of you who are new to BCC let me give you a little direction about ?Friend Day.?

? First of all, please do not invite your friends who already have a church home. We are not trying to pack out the sanctuary or take folks away from the church where the Lord is using them. ?Friend Day? is an intentional effort to draw us together for one purpose on one Sunday. That purpose is to invite our unchurched friends to share in worship with us.
? Secondly, I want to encourage you to join me in beginning to pray this very morning about who the Lord would have you invite to church on November 2.
? Third, when you decide who you are going to invite to church spend time in prayer asking the Lord to give you the right words to say and for your friend to be receptive to your invitation.
? Last of all, invite your friend to join us for breakfast at 9:30 am and for worship either at 8:30 or 10:40 am. Inviting your friend to breakfast gives our staff the opportunity to meet them and welcome them to ?Friend Day.?

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Acts 8:26-40”