Surely, God is Here!
Gen. 28:10-16

This particular event in the life of Jacob is one which many of us are very familiar with. It’s the story that is commonly referred to as Jacob’s Ladder. This significant event has had a great impact on people all around, so much so that the title – “Jacob’s Ladder” – has been used to label just about anything you can think of. For instance, Jacob’s Ladder has been used as the title of a movie and a mini-series, it’s the name of a plant, a type of body piercing (don’t look this up), a kid’s toy, electric companies, even workout equipment, among other things. Often times when this story is told or replayed in our minds, the thing that is focused on the most is the ladder and the angels ascending and descending upon it. What is often passed over, or seldom remembered, is the fact that Jacob was unknowingly in the presence of Almighty God. Some of us have been in the presence of God and we didn’t know it. Some of you right now, have no idea that God is in this place! We’ve totally missed God at work in our lives.

My goal and hope today is to encourage you and to inspire you to look for God whenever you are going through periods of darkness in your own life. Today, we’ll look at 3 key pieces from the life of Jacob. We’ll look at the darkness that surrounded Jacob, the place Jacob was in, and Jacob’s confession about God. Continue reading “Surely, God is Here!
Gen. 28:10-16”

Bless the Children
Genesis 27:1-4

As a young man growing up Billy was never involved with any of the things that oftentimes act as fertilizer for mom and dad’s gray hair. He never tried drugs and didn’t drink alcohol. He didn’t rebel by shaving his head into a spiked Mohawk and dying it pink and purple. He was a leader in his church youth group. He dated a wonderful girl that he wanted to marry. The two were from Christian homes and they made a commitment to God and each other to wait until they were married to have sex.

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Genesis 27:1-4”

The Freedom of Forgiveness
Genesis 50:15-21

Shortly after the turn of the century, Japan invaded, conquered, and occupied Korea. Of all of the oppressors of Korea. Japan was the most ruthless. They overwhelmed the Koreans with a brutality that would sickenthe strongest stomachs. Their crimes against women and children wereghastly and inhuman. Many Koreans live today with physical and emotionalscars left from the Japanese occupation.

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Genesis 50:15-21”

Blessed To Be A Blessing! The Key To Experiencing Fulfillment in Marriage

I have been thinking about marriage and the troubles that are plaguing so many marriages these days. I have felt compelled by the Lord to come before you and reassure you that you can experience fulfillment in marriage. I know that seems na?ve to many people, absurd to others, but I am convinced that God has fully intended for us to experience fulfillment, even awe, in our marriages. It seems that every indicator is pointing in the opposite direction. I read an article in New Man Magazine, the magazine produced by Promise Keepers, about a very disturbing new business in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Let me read an excerpt from the article.

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