“Consider Your Ways”

“Have you taken a look lately?” That is the question the prophet Haggai poses time and time again for the people of God who have come back to Jerusalem from their captivity in Babylon. Hopefully by the time we reach the end of our study this morning you will hear the voice of God saying to you, “Consider your ways?”

Let me set the scene for you because during our last study of the Minor Prophets, our study of Zephaniah, Judah was still the southern Kingdom and Jerusalem was still inhabited by the people of God. It may have only been one week since we studied Zephaniah, the book that comes right before Haggai, but there is so much that took place between those two books.

If you will remember, we were able to narrow the time of Zephaniah’s ministry down to the years between 639-629 B.C. As we move into our study of Haggai we leap forward more than 100 years to 520 B.C. So much has happened during those 100 years. The invasion of Jerusalem by the Babylonians actually began in 605 B.C. when Daniel and others were taken to Babylon. (Daniel 1:1-7) There was a second deportation of some of the citizens of Jerusalem in 597 B.C., but in 586 B.C. the Babylonians swept into Jerusalem and destroyed the city. They took many of the citizens captive and deported them to Babylon. We can read about what happened in 2 Kings 25. Continue reading ““Consider Your Ways”