Caleb: Finishing Strong!
Joshua 14:6-15


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Imagine taking your seat in the stands to watch your favorite football team play for the National Championship, for all of the marbles. The game is a back and forth battle. Defenses rise up at just the right time throughout the first thirty minutes of the game. The teams go into the locker room with the score knotted at “6” at the half. Continue reading “Caleb: Finishing Strong!
Joshua 14:6-15”

He’s Been Faithful…
Britton Christian Church: A Living Memorial

100 years. That’s a long time. 100 years ago God established this church in this community to proclaim Jesus as the hope of every man, woman, boy, and girl. For 100 years Britton Christian Church has been in this neighborhood proclaiming the grace, mercy, and compassion of Almighty God. 100 years! Day-in and day-out. The Good News of our King has been shared in a myriad of ways by preachers and plumbers, homemakers, hairstylists, and hamburger flippers, roofers and restaurateurs, car salesman and cashiers, doctors, dishwashers, and debutantes, athletes and attorneys, teachers, tutors, and tax collectors, soldiers and students, musicians, mechanics, and moms. For 100 years God has used Britton Christian Church to feed the hungry, cloth the threadbare, teach the Word of God, comfort the grieving, celebrate with those who are rejoicing, visit those in prison, help with homework, and much, much more. 100 years! That’s a long time! So much has happened during the past 100 years. Just to give you a little perspective, in 1909, things were quite different than they are today.

Less than two years prior to the founding of this church, Oklahoma became a state on November 16, 1907. Oklahoma was added as the 46th state.
* In 1909, only 14% of homes had bathrooms.
* Only 8% of homes had telephones.
* Only 6% of Americans had graduated from high school.
* There were 8,000 cars and 144 miles of paved roads in America.
* Average worker made $12.98/week for 59 hours of work.
* W.E.B. DuBois formed the NAACP and began his work to ensure equal treatment for all people.
* Life expectancy in U.S. 47.3 female, 46.3 male – 33.0 blacks.

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Britton Christian Church: A Living Memorial”

Through The Eyes of Faith
Joshua 1:1-9

????????? This past week I had the time of my life with the kids of Britton Christian Church and their sponsors.? A trip like we took takes a lot of planning and work and Ray Arechiga did an outstanding job! Way to go Ray!? The adults who went along with us went above and beyond the call of duty all week as they helped kids with everything imaginable. I stand in amazement at the number of folks God has led to this church who truly have a servant?s heart. To each of the adults who went with us?a big ?Thank You!? ?Last of all, I want to let you know that this group of kids were so well-behaved, so helpful and cooperative, and some of the quickest learners that I?ve ever seen. We had a lot of first timers go with us this year and it can be pretty scary staring up at that big mountain and thinking about falling, I mean skiing, all the way down the hill. These kids were troopers with a capital ?T.?? They were courageous and didn?t let their fears rule over them. To say that it was a great trip is simply not saying enough.
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Joshua 1:1-9”

What’s In Store for 2004

What will the New Year bring about for you and me? That?s a huge question looming in the minds of many people as we get ready to turn the page on the calendar and begin a brand new year. Many people have thumbed through the pages of the old calendar and have come to the conclusion that it has not been a good year. They are hoping and praying that the new year will be better. They do not necessarily want fireworks to welcome them into each new day or some exotic destination to be the order of the day for the upcoming year, but it sure would be nice to have less heartache, less uncertainty, and more peace and security. They would like to know what?s in store for 2004?

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How To Know If It’s Time To Go?
Joshua 7:1-9

Tom is a typical American. He goes to work each morning and fights the rush hour traffic. He spends time with his girlfriend hanging out with friends at Starbucks after work. He goes to church on Sunday morning and even goes to a home Bible study on Thursday night. Tom is a simple man, not wanting a whole lot, but enjoying the good gifts that the Lord has brought his way. Tom grew up in a comfortable middle class home. He’s not from a military family, never served our nation in any military way, and disconnected from the wars and rumors of wars that circle the globe each day.

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Joshua 7:1-9”

The Day of Decision
Joshua 23:14-16

Today is the day that we celebrate nine years of ministry together. I can remember like yesterday arriving at Britton Christian Church and being welcomed by many of you who are still here nine years later. As the years have passed we have seen so many people come into the fellowship of the Body of Christ here at Britton Christian Church. We have shared in the funerals of many godly men and women who have led our church in years past. We have seen some people come into the church and bless us with their many gifts only to be led by God to move on to some other city or some other church. We have seen much take place during the past nine years and I have to tell you that I have been tremendously blessed by serving as your pastor and friend.

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Joshua 23:14-16”