“Who is Like Yahweh?”

A preacher arises and gains national attention as he begins to speak out about the capital city—Washington D.C. will be no more. He lets it be known that God is on His way and when He arrives Pennsylvania Avenue will be like a plowed field. God is on His way because rather than meting out justice the Justices are unjust in their dealings with those who need it most. His words are aimed straight at the law makers and power brokers who are twisting and perverting justice to line their own pockets and defraud the common every day citizens of what is rightfully theirs. He takes a breath and turns his attention to the wealthy citizens who are building their own private kingdoms by taking advantage of the poor and powerless. He takes another breath and points a long finger of condemnation at the religious leaders who hobnob with the powerful and wealthy while they devise the demise of the righteous for their own benefit. He condemns the false prophets for spending their time trying to please the aristocracy and immoral authorities rather than seeking to please God.

I dare say that a preacher like the one I’ve just described wouldn’t stand a chance in our day. You wouldn’t find his books prominently displayed on the shelves at Mardel’s. He wouldn’t be a guest on Nightline at Easter. He certainly wouldn’t be part of the President’s inner circle of “spiritual advisers.” Yet, this is exactly what happened long ago as a man named Micah spoke with boldness against the capital city of Samaria, the capital of Israel, and Jerusalem, the capital of Judah. Continue reading ““Who is Like Yahweh?”