The time was drawing near even though nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to even care. The people carried on business as usual—working every angle, ripping one another off like nobody was watching, and when someone would file a complaint they found the court system to be more corrupt than the marketplace. They caroused and carried on like they didn’t have a care in the world. They watched injustice rise in the city like the tides on the sea. The preachers were corrupt, conniving, and cold-hearted peddlers of whatever the people wanted to hear instead of speaking out with boldness for the Lord. To sum it all up, the people lived as if God didn’t even exist, and yet, the Day of the Lord would come. It would come like a thief in the night. The Day of the Lord had come in times past and the nations surrounding Judah had suffered because of their defiance of God. Yet, it was as though the people of Judah had somehow convinced themselves that God would just wink at their sin and complacency.

The people of Judah were not ignorant to the Lord’s ways. Neither were they unaware of His continual call to live as His people rather than mirroring the pagan nations that surrounded them. God’s people had been told time and time again. He had urged them to turn back from their ways and serve Him with reverence and passion. They had watched the Lord raise up nations and then, when they refused to turn from their ways; He humbled them in an unmistakable way. The people of Judah had witnessed their brothers and sisters to the north, the Israelites, meet their end almost one hundred years earlier. Even though the demise of Israel had left an impression on the people of Judah it was an impression that quickly faded into the sea of forgetfulness. The people soon went right back to living life as if God didn’t even exist. Continue reading ““Whatever”