Summer Buddies
June 7th – July 7th

Get ready BCC and OKC for our 4th annual Summer Buddies math & reading camp!

For the past several years we have been serving families during the “off season” so that students can stay in the game academically!

Summer time is fun time! And who says that learning has to be boring? I love watching the kids literally run into the building to learn each day! Their faces lite up with excitement as they get into their lessons. Thanks to our team, the kids we serve are better prepared to start the new school year. Continue reading “Summer Buddies
June 7th – July 7th”


What a tremendous blessing it is to have the opportunity to serve alongside of such committed, selfless, loving, and loyal people! The students of the BCC Learning Center have no idea just how much they are loved by this group. Tonight we celebrated the end of our school year together, but more than that, we celebrated that our first group of high school students are going off to college. We are reaping the fruit of David Jackson, Tami Bramel, Harriet Weirich, Alyson Geister and many others. Their commitment to God through serving our community by helping with their academic needs is truly contagious!

A HUGE thank you to ALL of the mentors of the Learning Center!

If you’re interested in joining the team, let me know!!

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Summer Buddies
June 2nd – July 2nd

Britton Christian Church

Every year the BCC Learning Center sets aside 5 weeks of summer to give the kids in our community a jumpstart on the new school year. For five weeks of summer, three days a week, 11:30am – 3pm, anywhere from 25-30 children in grades K-5th, will come to BCC for a life changing summer adventure. Continue reading “Summer Buddies
June 2nd – July 2nd”

The Next Chapter


Celeste & Yvonne
(L-R) Mom & Celeste

A couple of weeks ago Isleigh handed me a letter to read. The letter was addressed to her sister Celeste. Celeste is a high school senior who has been in the BCC Learning Center since elementary. It has truly been encouraging to watch Celeste grow over the years. People who really know Celeste would most likely describe her as, driven, focused, highly intelligent, and a leader – just to name a few. Continue reading “The Next Chapter”