Christmas Love: The Most Lavish Gift
Matthew 1:18-25

It’s Christmas Eve. Little ones are so anxious they won’t be able to sleep tonight. They’ve been dreaming, longing, anxiously awaiting the moment when their wildest dreams will be fulfilled on Christmas morning. We want those we love to know how much we love them so we try to find them the perfect gift, the gift that will leave them breathless the moment it is unwrapped. I’ve heard some stories about some pretty extravagant gifts that have been given during past Christmases. For those of you who are still searching for that one perfect gift, the one gift that will be a heart stopper, a breath taker on Christmas morning, I’ve come to help. Continue reading “Christmas Love: The Most Lavish Gift
Matthew 1:18-25”

God’s Gifts Get Better with Time
Christmas Eve

I love memories! I love collecting experiences like a stamp collector proudly fills sleeve after sleeve with his little inch-by-inch treasures. I can go through the hallways of my mind and see snapshots of the treasures God has allowed me to experience throughout my life. I can think of memories from the past year all the way back to when I was a little kid. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood were spending Christmas with my family. We would always spend Christmas morning at our house enjoying all of the toys that Santa had left while we were sleeping, but then we would load up the station wagon (did you ever have one of those?), and head to Wynnewood where we would spend the day with my grandparents. I don’t remember the gifts my grandparents gave me as much as I remember spending time with them. Continue reading “God’s Gifts Get Better with Time
Christmas Eve”

Jesus Steps Into a Broken World
Matthew 2:1-8

pleading-hands-1050x700It’s Christmas Eve and I’m so glad you have taken the time to join us tonight because we’ve gathered here at Britton Christian Church from all over the city to worship and celebrate the greatest gift ever given—the gift of God to all who will receive it—the gift of Jesus our Savior! Some of you have come here tonight with your friends or family and you are reveling in the joy of being together and relishing the time you have to give God thanks for His many blessings. The Lord may have blessed you in any number of ways and you’ve come here with a heart spilling over with gratitude. You got a big promotion during the year or you survived a big layoff at your company. Maybe the Lord has blessed you with a new baby in the past year. You may still be glowing from your wedding that took place in 2015. Maybe you’ve welcomed a new son-in-law or daughter-in-law into your family at some point during the year. You are getting ready to graduate from high school in a few months and you are so excited about what God has in store for you once the tassel is moved. You’re grateful that a loved one who was deathly ill has been restored and is alive and well this very night. There are many of us here this evening and we know we are blessed, we can count our blessings one-by-one. I could go on and on listing the many blessings that we’ve enjoyed during the past year. God has been good. Continue reading “Jesus Steps Into a Broken World
Matthew 2:1-8”

Christmas: Love Embodied

Advent-Series For the past three weeks we’ve spent our time in worship focusing on the four themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, and tonight we will take a look at “Love.”

I was having lunch with a friend following the study we did a few weeks ago on “Hope.” He pulled out a piece of paper and began reading some quotes from the study. After he read some of the things I had said during the study, he looked at me and said, “Hope isn’t available in anything this world has to offer. Hope, real hope, the kind of hope that all people are looking for is a gift to those who walk with God.” I said, “You know what’s really interesting? This week I’ve been studying ‘peace,’ and the exact same thing can be said about the kind of peace we are all longing for—we aren’t going to experience the kind of peace people are longing for in anything this world has to offer.” Continue reading “Christmas: Love Embodied”

We’ve Come to Worship Him!
Matthew 2:1-11

we-have-come-to-worship-him_wide_t_nvChristmas can be one of the craziest times of the year. If we were to go back to Thanksgiving, as soon as we left the gathering of our loved ones, many of you already had a list of things to do as long as your arm. You’ve been working, frantically working, to get it all done before you get in your cars and go to grandma’s house or before all of your guests arrive at your house. You hit “Black Friday” to try and find bargains. You penciled in dates on your calendar for office parties, holiday concerts at your kid’s school, and Christmas parties with friends. You made a list of the things you needed to buy for everyone on your list. You adopted a family in our neighborhood who was in need.

Some of you haven’t had time to make out a list because you’ve been so pressed by the urgency of the moment that you had to turn away from the minutiae of the extraneous trappings of Christmas just to make it through the day. You’ve got family problems that are keeping you up at night. You’ve got relationships that are strained and broken. You are drowning in a sea of debt. This will be your first Christmas spent alone while your “ex” has your kids. This will be your first Christmas spent without…you fill in the blank. You’ve gone from work to the hospital so many times you’ve lost count and you are worn out. There’s just so much going on that you’ve had little time to even think about the real meaning of Christmas. Continue reading “We’ve Come to Worship Him!
Matthew 2:1-11”