“Who Is Wise?”
James 3:13-18

We are living in the information age. Knowledge about what seems to be an unlimited set of topics is available at our fingertips. We no longer have to travel to a library to learn about what interests us, we can simply Google it. Google can take us around the world to learn about other countries, cultures, and ancient civilizations. Google can lead us down the halls of philosophy, history, biology, the great classics of English literature, mathematics, and biblical studies. Because of Google we can even keep up with Kim Kardashian! Continue reading ““Who Is Wise?”
James 3:13-18”

Can I Get a Witness?
John 1:6-8

JohnIn light of all that we have learned about Jesus, so far in our study of John’s Gospel, it is mind boggling that God has chosen to use broken vessels to carry His message of mercy, forgiveness, grace, redemption, and salvation to the world. Stop and think about it with me just for a moment. We’ve learned that Jesus, the Word of God, is eternal, having no beginning and no end. We’ve learned that Jesus, the Word of God, is the Creator by whom all things have come into being. We’ve learned that the life that God desires for His people is found in Jesus and that His Life is the Light that opens our eyes to life. We’ve learned that Jesus is the Light, and the darkness has never, is not now, nor will ever overcome Him. Now, if Jesus is all of this, if He is the Creator and Sustainer of your life and mine, if He is the Life that our souls have been longing for, if He is the Light that illuminates, gives us direction, meaning, and purpose so that we can more clearly understand our past, present, and future, then what is He incapable of doing? What can He not do? The answer to that would have to be “nothing,” don’t you imagine? If He can create and sustain His creation then He certainly is capable of getting the word out, of making Himself known, without us don’t you think? He could put together a marketing campaign that would make Nike, Apple, and Kia, stand back in awe, don’t you think? And yet, we will learn from our lesson today that God has chosen to use us, broken as we are, scared by sin as we are, hypocritical as we are, to make Him known, to be His witnesses, and to carry His Light to the world. Mind boggling! Let’s take a look at our Scripture for today found in John 1:6-8. Continue reading “Can I Get a Witness?
John 1:6-8”